Just a few hours ago...as we did "The Time Warp" into the midnight hour, I was not sad to see 2011 go.


On a personal basis, I lost my grandmother and my uncle in the year past. And, my mother had a major health scare. She's doing better, thank you.  At the end of the summer, suddenly my ears started bothering me. Not a good thing for a person who earns a living with his voice, and relies on his ears. All these years of wearing headphones may be catching up with me... And, I'm doing better, thanks.

What about the early snowstorms, and that surprise around Halloween? Not to mention, Hurricane Irene. It was not a good one for those of you who lost power for days on end.  Thanks, "Mother Nature!"

No matter where you land on the political spectrum, you can't deny that 2011 was a tough year, in New Jersey and nationally, when it comes to the economy: Cost of living? Taxes? 2011 was hard on the wallet.

Will 2012 be a better one for small and large businesses, and us consumers, in New Jersey?  Stay tuned...New Jersey 101.5 has the news, the business news, and the analysis to help make those tough decisions ahead, a bit easier.  Alan Kasper has Instant Weather.  As to your personal future, you're on your own!  Good luck!

Here's to a happy and prosperous 2012!

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