The cast of Hamilton took time after their curtain call to pontificate to Vice President elect Mike Pence who was in the audience. President elect Donald Trump has already called for them to apologize and so has E Street Band rocker Stevie Van Zandt. With good reason.

Whether or not you agree with the vice president-elect's politics, the show wasn't the right time or place to put him on the spot like that. What's he supposed to do, scream back and start a debate?

The cast members should have also had consideration for the uncomfortable and embarrassing situation they inflicted on those in the audience who voted for Donald Trump, and who paid their money to see a show and were subjected to that.

We really don't know exactly what members of the Trump administration will do when they take office. The President-elect has already walked back his wall to a fence in some areas, and backed down from deporting all undocumented immigrants to only those who commit criminal acts such as gang members and drug dealers.

While Hamilton will get a huge publicity boost from all this, they may have blown off some people who don't agree with their politics, or maybe those that simply come to see the play to get away from all that's going on in the world right now.