Businesses doing better not worse since the COVID-19 pandemic include online retail such as Amazon, food delivery such as Door Dash, and...gun shops?

Yep. According to an Asbury Park Press article business is booming since the outbreak. Gun shops across Ocean County have seen a surge and similar increased business is being seen elsewhere.

One shop owner told the Asbury Park Press that not a single person came in indicating they were concerned about the virus itself. Instead they worried about things shutting down and rioting breaking out. A lot of these customers aren’t gun people either. Many newbies are walking in and buying their first guns due to panic. Ammo sales have also skyrocketed.

I’m not anti-gun. I’ve enjoyed my share of gun ranges. And I’m perfectly comfortable with experienced and law-abiding citizens owning guns. I’m not as comfortable with newbies buying them out of fear of society spiraling downward. That sounds like the person who’s going to resort to a firearm too quickly.

We need to to be thinking more of how to help each other through this than panicking that everything is coming unraveled. That’s a self-fulfilling prophecy in the making.

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