The New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society has raw video footage it says exhibits discrimination in the gun permit application process.

The group's president, Alexander P. Roubian, said on my show Tuesday morning he's distributing an undercover video each day this week exposing how difficult it is to apply for a gun permit.

"The latest video is the raw, uncut footage that shows not only the sexism which has been occurring, but also the discrimination against the disabled, discrimination against the young, discrimination against the old, where a police officer arbitrarily states that he wants to deny people — and he is denying people — because of his feelings. Not because of anything else except for his feelings," Roubian said.

He gave the example of a police officer not wanting to give a petite woman a gun because he thinks she might not be able to handle it.

"This has been going on for years," Roubian said. "This is no secret. What we're doing is documenting it."

According to Roubian, the discrimination is allowed to happen because it's done by the government, but if ordinary citizens were to discriminate like this, there would be consequences. He's asking people to watch the videos and to hold Gov. Chris Christie and New Jersey's police departments accountable by asking them whether they condone or condemn this type of conduct.

Roubian also called criticisms of private, home gun shops "fear-mongering at its best." He noted that in 45 other states police have no interaction with people applying for gun permits. Instead, your background check is executed by a gun store.

"This isn't about being pro-cop/anti-cop. It's about the system," Roubian said.

Roubian and I stand as supporters of home gun shops, and agreed that they should be allowed to exist. After all, there isn't any documented case of an issue with these federally permitted stores.

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