I just saw the egregious inclusion of Jerry Maguire in a list of great football movies. Jerry Maguire was a love story. The football was backdrop, almost in the same way as For Love Of The Game with Kevin Costner was a love story with baseball as only a backdrop. Rudy also is mentioned often when this subject comes up. I could accept it if it weren't so overly filled with aw shucks sugar sweetness and naivety that you it makes you almost root against the kid.

What does belong on the list? Surely Brian's Song from 1971, the story of the real-life relationship between Gale Sayers and the dying Brian Piccolo. Remember The Titans with Denzel Washington is also way up there with it's story of football breaking down racial barriers in the early 70's. How about I just do my top 5 and tell me where I'm wrong.

  • 1

    'Brian's Song'

  • 2

    'Remember the Titans'

  • 3

    'Any Given Sunday'

  • 4

    'The Longest Yard'

  • 5

    'North Dallas Forty'