During last night’s gubernatorial debate (which bore a striking resemblance to the first debate), a throw away question was asked of the two candidates, “what is your favorite New Jersey fruit and vegetable?”

Phil Murphy went first and I was expecting him to name one of the Garden State’s better known crops, like blueberries or corn. But that’s NOT what he said. He answered, “grapefruit and broccoli.” How far south does he think New Jersey goes to be able to grow citrus fruit? I did a little research, and I can’t find any mention of grapefruit being grown in New Jersey.

Kim Guadagno, by the way, answered, “tomatoes and cranberries”, two of the more popular Jersey crops. Kim Guadagno tried several times to paint Mr. Murphy as an out of touch millionaire, but I think he did a better job of it by himself by uttering that one word: grapefruit.

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