Think you've had some bad dates? It won't compare to what some of these ladies went through!

If you're still down about not having a date for Valentine's Day, just think about it this way: it could be much worse. Watch as this young man sets his 89-year-old grandfather up with a Tinder account and reels in a few unsuspecting single ladies.

The women involved in the set-up knew they were being taped--they agreed to be filmed because the man behind the Tinder profile said he was a filmmaker--but still, their reactions are priceless! It seems like the old man is pretty charming, but the date is certainly shocking to the young ladies involved.

Have you ever been catfished or duped by a stranger online? How did you react? Does this make you trust the internet less or do you think it was just a harmless prank?

Let us know how you feel in the comments below!


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