Eleven months after Superstorm Sandy slammed New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie has signed an Executive Order, which declares the lack of protection for the Jersey shoreline opens the door to disaster.

September 'Ask the Governor' (Photo by Annette Petriccione, Townsquare Media)
September 'Ask the Governor' (Photo by Annette Petriccione, Townsquare Media)

The EO authorizes the state to immediately take part of the property of homeowners who have not signed easements allowing dunes to be built as a buffer, so those dunes can be built as quickly as possible.

Some homeowners are unhappy about the prospect of bigger sand dunes blocking their views of the ocean.

"The Army Corp of Engineers is ready to start these projects and we're going to start them," said Governor Christie during last night's 'Ask The Governor' program.

He pointed out we're part-way through the current hurricane season, and so far we haven't been hit, which is good news, but "I don't want to be in the hurricane season in 2014 and not have a substantial amount of this work done. We won't have all of it done, but we will have a substantial amount of the coastline protected."

The Governor said he won't allow selfish homeowners to be the ones to stop us.

"So we're taking the property, I told people I was going to do this. What the Executive Order does is allow the state to take the property now, and then we'll litigate it afterwards."

Christie heeded a warning for anyone who does decide to challenge the Executive Order in court.

"Let me make it really clear, we're not going to pay your legal fees after you lose. I cannot imagine that there's a judge in New Jersey who would ever find that the protective value of the dune was outweighed by the view."


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