It's a hoax, a religious movement, a cult. Whatever you want to call the current climate change hysteria, it's dangerous and irresponsible to scare our kids the way the left is doing, and they've only just begun. Tammy Murphy, wealthy, guilty white progressive wife of wealthy, guilty white progressive Governor Phil Murphy is on a mission to get schools K-12 in NJ to teach "climate change".

Climate has always been changing slightly cooler or slightly warmer for the past 4 1/2 billion years. If it stopped changing, that might be cause for alarm. This "issue" has become far more insidious as a movement in the last few years and is scaring the crap out of young people. To the point that many climate change activists like AOC have questioned their right to reproduce for fear of putting those children in grave danger.

It would all be laughable, like all of the predictions of the past fifty years from climate alarmists, if it wasn't so harmful to our kids. It's having an alarming effect on young people coming out of college convinced that we have less than a dozen years left to drastically change our entire western way of life or we are doomed. Now the first lady of the state wants to push this panic and nonsense to small children. It's not about the environment or climate change. It's about control. It's about letting governments control how you live, and the best way to do that is convince young kids to adopt their theories and act on it when they can vote. It has all of the earmarks of a radical religious cult. Talk to someone who's been convinced of this in college and your jaw will drop.

Don't try to argue with them, you heritic, you relic of the past, you uncaring old fart! They're right. They learned it in school, you fool. Don't try to reason with them, but you can share articles like this. Or you can show them that these lame, hysterical predictions have been made time and time again, and they never happened. Like the 10 things climate guru Al Gore predicted that didn't materialize. You probably won't get anywhere because academia, the media have been beating the drum even louder in the past few years, even though this nonsense has been going on for over a century.

What's accelerated the pace of this wave of hysteria? Probably social media and constant connectivity with a barrage of messages from the 'cool kids' telling us this s*** is real. Human beings need to be a part of a belief system and with religion on the decline the earth is a good replacement for many people, especially the young. And now the pretty, sweet, loveable wife of the Governor is going to preach this climate change religion to your kids, whether you like it or not. Forget fretting over spending so much time helping your kid with too much homework. Think of all the time you have to spend deprogramming the little tikes after all the bull***t social engineering they're subjected to every day.

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