In his new proposed budget, the Governor is proposing we spend $57 million more than doubling the budget for pre-k education. Who's going to pay for this? You are. Shut up, it's for the children! His children probably had the best pre-school money can buy, so he feels guilty that everyone can't have it, so soon everyone will. Who's going to pay for it? You are. Shut up, it's for the children!

I got a frantic message from a friend who is a public school teacher nearing the end of his career. He can't believe they're forcing this through because as he says, "who's going to pay for this?!" You know the answer. But what you may not know is that this program won't be staffed with $10 an hour caregivers. No, these positions will go to certified teachers. Members of the NJEA. More teacher salaries. More dues for the union. More lifetime pensions and benefits to pay for. And yes YOU will pay for it.

But it's for the children! Shut the f*** up. It is not. It's for the union and it's in return for giving a man a victory that no one ever heard of just a couple of years ago. But out came his sizeable checkbook and the rest is sad recent history. Murphy claims this is an investment in the future. What future? He talks about the middle class having been hollowed out. Yeah, over reaching, over regulating, over taxing government hollowed it out. The middle class is fleeing the state, especially those with a guaranteed state pension. The rest just have to wing it and hope for the best.

Trump talks about draining the swamp in D.C., Murphy is draining the suburbs in New Jersey and any other enclave where hard working people are trying to raise families and get ahead. Many have lost hope and either left for lower tax, more affordable states or have their exit strategy in place. All of Murphy's wonderful idealistic utopian concepts cost a lot of money. A lot of money that the state doesn't have, but they plan to get it. And you know where they're gonna get it. From YOU. Now shut up and pay more. It's for the f***ing children!!!

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