Gov. Murphy says we can only have 10 people at Thanksgiving. I don't know about you but I come from a big Italian family, not to mention the in-laws, and cutting down that list to 10 isn't going to be easy. What's a Jersey resident to do?

It's time to play "Survivor: Thanksgiving." You take each of your friends and relatives and put them on a trial that they don't even know they're a part of. Do we eliminate Uncle Tony who talks really loud, smokes the worst-smelling cigars and bitches about everything? Or Aunt Martha, who sits like she's the queen and never gets up to help clear the table or put out the next course?

One way to cut down the number is to eliminate those who didn't vote the way you did. How cool would it be to have a Thanksgiving free of political talk, and if there is going to be politics discussed, at least you'll agree with what they're saying.

If you're a Giants fan, those who root for the Cowboys to win the 4 p.m. game are not coming. Nothing makes your Thanksgiving turkey taste better that watching those turkeys get their butts kicked on national television. Speaking of birds, how much better will your macaroni taste knowing that the Giants finally beat he Eagles and won't be playing until the following Sunday so you can savor the victory like the antipasto that much longer?

Yes it's "Survivor: Thanksgiving," a Phil Murphy production. Remember this and all the love ones who will be missing from your table next November and when election time comes make sure he doesn't get the immunity idol. At my house, we reserve the little guy for whoever brings the macaroni.

So I asked, who would you vote off your Thanksgiving table? Here's what some of my social media following came up with.

Who would you vote off your Thanksgiving table?

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