A week after results were released on PARCC testing, showing many NJ students are behind in math and English, Gov. Chris Christie said the results provide a more accurate assessment than previous tests, but changes will still need to be made before the tests are given again next year.

"It appears as if it's more accurate than what we had before," Christie said on New Jersey 101.5FM's Ask The Governor program Monday night. "This seems now to track much more accurately with how they've been progressing all the way through.”

There obviously will have to be some more changes to PARCC moving forward, he added.

The conversation was prompted by a caller from Barnegat who expressed concern about her son's future because, while he does well in school, he's not the greatest test-taker.

Christie didn't show much remorse.

"It's very difficult to tell, going from school to school, from teacher to teacher, whether, in fact, your son is meeting the minimal requirements that are necessary to be able to have a high school diploma in New Jersey," Christie told the caller.

Toniann Antonelli contributed to this story.

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