The end of the school year often brings parting gifts for teachers. Catherine Acampora-Nielsen, a teacher in the Lakewood School District, who moonlights as a server at Woolley’s Seafood Market on Route 9 in Howell, received a $100 dollar tip from grateful parents who also left a note saying "Thank you for teaching our kids — teachers shouldn't have to work weekends!"

Unfortunately, living in New Jersey forces most people to work weekends.

But it got me thinking about gifts teachers receive from their class usually at the end of the year. Here are some examples.

Cindi White — I made a teacher a painting of her cat (that she loved dearly). She wanted to pay me, but her response to it, was enough

Tina Louise Cook — An invitation to my wedding 20 years later. And she made it!

Grant Lindaberry — I gave one of my favorite teachers a signed poster of the first Philadelphia Flyers victory! Bobby Clarke, Rick macleish, Selesky, Fred Sherro, as well as a few other notable players from that championship team! I'm kind of sad that I don't have it anymore but I'm glad it brought him a lot of joy! Still love my flyers!

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