Today we had a very special guest in the studio and a star-in-the-making. Gianna Isabella, the 15-year-old from Jackson, NJ is about to head out to Hollywood for the final season of American Idol.

Going on such a huge reality show can be a monstrous task with so much to think about. If anyone is readily prepared for what American Idol and Hollywood have in store for her, it is Gianna. When I asked her what her biggest concerns are heading into the competition Gianna replied, "I'm not really nervous because I'm very religious. So I just pray to God that he takes away all my nerves and helps me just have fun. That's really just the key to it just having fun and living in the moment. "

If she sounds prepared, you're right, she is. Gianna may have had some help in the form of an awesome coach, her mother.  Her mom is no stranger to the spotlight. Gianna's mom is pop star Brenda K. Starr. Even when Gianna wanted to give up on her dream, her mom didn't let her.

"I had gotten no's before and it kind of discouraged me," Gianna said. "So I didn't really want to do it anymore. I was on the verge of giving up but my mom kept saying 'no, this is something you love, keep trying' and then I found out she sent in a YouTube video of me to the producers and they called me and they're like 'were just confirming the date for your audition.' and now I made it."

Listen to the first part of Bill's interview with Gianna Isabelle in the YouTube clip below.

Part II: Gianna discusses how she is preparing for American Idol.

Part III: Gianna discusses what she's looking forward to most about being a contestant on American Idol.

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