If a steamy Sunday had you hopefully holding onto summer for one more day, you could see a repeat of that later this week. If you're ready for fall in New Jersey, we have that too. It's all part of a very confusing weather pattern.

Dan will be able to break out the hows and whys when he is back on Tuesday, but let's say for now that the long-range forecast for the Garden State brings us down a bit on Monday, then back up into the 80s, then way down into the 60s during the daytime by the end of the week. But I'll focus on the specifics of the next three days.

Monday begins with fog, which you will no doubt experience on your ride to work, then mostly cloudy skies and still a slight chance of showers, after much of the weekend was misty. It will be noticeably cooler, with highs in the lower 70s.

In the evening, skies turn cloudy, with lows inching down to the mid-60s — perfect October weather for a Yankees-Red Sox playoff game in the Bronx.

On Tuesday, the temperature spikes again, to near 80, under partly sunny skies. Then make it partly cloudy with highs in the lower 80s on Wednesday ... and no sign of rain either day.

Right now, looks like the wet stuff comes back on Thursday and helps to bring those temps back down by Friday, but more details on all of that will take shape as the week goes along.

Go Yanks! Make Spadea cook food for us! (There is a bet at stake here, as always.)

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow returns Tuesday, Oct. 9. Patrick Lavery is Senior Producer of Morning News and Special Programming for New Jersey 101.5, and is lead reporter and substitute anchor for "New Jersey's First News."

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