Authorities say the gunman who killed and injured numerous people at the Fort Lauderdale airport Friday afternoon was carrying the military ID with the name of Esteban Santiago.

NBC and CBS, citing unnamed law enforcement sources, say the 26-year-old Santiago was born in New Jersey.

Authorities say five people were killed and eight wounded in the shooting.

The shooter was in custody and unharmed and was being interviewed by the FBI and the county's homicide detectives. Police did not open fire.

Nelson says a motive still hasn't been determined.

Officials say there were unfounded reports of additional shots fired at the international airport.

The Broward County sheriff said the man shot at least 13 people but would not release names of the victims until their relatives are first notified.

A county official says the Fort Lauderdale airport shooter pulled a gun out of a checked bag, loaded in a bathroom and started shooting, killing five people and wounding at least eight.

Chip LaMarca, a Broward County commissioner, was briefed on the airport shooting by Broward Sheriff's office. He told The Associated Press by phone that the shooter was a passenger on a Canadian flight and had checked a gun.

LaMarca says the shooter pulled out the gun in the bathroom after claiming his bag.

The Alaska National Guard confirmed that Santiago served there until July 2016.

Court records in Alaska say that Esteban Santiago was charged last year with making threatening language and causing property damage in a domestic-violence related incident. The threat charge was dismissed in March.

Earlier in the afternoon, the shooting stopped all traffic at the airport. Passengers were evacuated from the terminal 2 baggage claim area. Passengers returned to the airport as officials said the lone gunman was in custody. But TV reports showed some passengers evacuating again, several looking panicked and ducking behind cars or hiding.

Witness Judah Fernandez told CNN he heard what he believes were the first shots, re-entered the airport, but then rushed out again shortly later to the tarmac. He said: "Everyone's running now." He said both security officials and passengers were running.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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