Many years ago I lived in Ocean City for a year. I worked at an Atlantic City radio station so I rented a year-round house just two blocks from the beach.

It was a cool experience to finally see what it's like to not be a tourist but rather have to deal with tourists. Finding empty beer bottles on your lawn near daily and people helping themselves to your reserved parking spot. All the headaches that come with living in a shore town in the summer.

But the fall and spring were really cool. Warm enough to still enjoy the boardwalk and to some degree even the beach. Then winter came, and it was so eerily quiet.

One aspect I remember from that year was how it was a dry town. There was not a bar or a liquor store or even a BYOB restaurant allowed anywhere. Nothing.

Where did those daily empty beer bottles come from that showed up on my lawn? Easy. You just drove across the causeway to Somers Point and right there on the traffic circle was a liquor store. A big one. A goldmine of a liquor store.

Many years later, Ocean City is still a dry town. You still can't even BYOB at a restaurant. Nothing.

Someone with a keen understanding of the law and a knack for a fun way to make money finally saw an opportunity.

Pau Hana is a company that charters tiki bar boat tours. Starting this May, they will be launching out of the dry town of Ocean City.

Picture a barge but topped with a tiki bar. You spend two hours, up to six people, floating in water where the municipal laws of Ocean City do not apply. Nice! That's why you can't start drinking until the boat has left the dock. But then? Party time!

Now keep in mind the service is BYOB, but hey that's something you can't even get at an Ocean City restaurant, and this is a floating tiki bar! Sounds like a good deal to me.

For snacks you can also bring your own or the crew can arrange to supply snacks or even meals but for an additional cost, of course.

As far as price there are different tours you can check out here on their website.

I think I might just have some birthday plans in June.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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