It’s a conversation that rarely came up a generation ago. However, now it’s a topic of discussion among family members, friends, strangers at the supermarket, etc.

Can you afford to stick around here anymore? People are looking for lower-cost alternatives to raising a family, buying a home, or living out their retirement years affordably.

Most families in New Jersey are pretty tightened like ours. We never had anyone move out of the area, with rare exceptions. Brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles all lived within a 40-mile radius, and most of them here in New Jersey.

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Nowadays that has changed. My son lives in North Carolina. My brother also lives in another part of North Carolina along with his kids. My daughter lived in Texas for a while but luckily got homesick and moved back to Jersey.

Many people find they may have made a big mistake once they move out of state. The usual reasons are the food, family, the beach, or access to big cities like Philly or New York.

However, other people find a way to deal with all that and make it work elsewhere. It may surprise you as to where most of New Jersey is moved to. Oh, there are the usual suspects like Florida, but others on the list may come as a shock like Philadelphia.


My parents moved out of there for a better life here in New Jersey. My how times have changed. Here are the rest of the top five according to Allied Van Lines.

Whether you decide to blaze a trail in a new state, or a new country for that matter, or stick it out and find a way to make it work here in Jersey you can always take New Jersey 101.5 with you. Just download the app, no matter where you decide to live.

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Most affordable places to live in New Jersey

SmartAsset released a study analyzing the most affordable places to live in New Jersey. The eighth annual study weighed several factors, including taxes, homeowners’ insurance, and home costs relative to the local median income.

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