By Jeff Deminski

According to a new survey, BMW drivers are the most likely to have road rage. They beat out Land Rover drivers who came in second. Audi drivers were third, and Subaru drivers were fourth. It gets weirder. People in blue cars are more likely than people in other color cars to have road rage. That beat out black, silver, green, and red. They say the worst time of the week for road rage is 5:45PM on a Friday. Monday mornings are the second-worst time for road rage. Men admitted to road rage more often than women. The average man experiences road rage seven times a month. For the average woman, it's three times a month.

I've never noticed anything aggressive about drivers of Audis. In fact aren't Audis supposed to be very safe cars, and you would think safety conscious people would be drawn to them. However, I've always said young guys driving BMWs seem to want to blow everyone else off the road.

[H/T DailyMail]

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