Beatles fans looking for another bio to read on the legendary band can check out Micheal Starr’s (no relation to Ringo ) “Ringo With A Little Help."

Ringo Starr - Photo by Terry Disney / Getty Images


As late as April, Starr told “The Daily Express” that he won’t be doing any biographies because people are only interested in his time with the Beatles.

Some of what the book details is how the Beatles drummer, born Richard Starkey, grew up in a gritty neighborhood but did not struggle. It also looks at when Ringo took up the drums at the age of 12 thanks to two extremely lengthy hospital stays and became the hottest drummer in Liverpool when the Beatles snatched him from “Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.”

When the Beatles first came to America it was Ringo who was the most popular. He was the funny one with the big nose and sharp wit. Ringo was also the first one to leave the band.  Although Ringo’s son Zak exhibited an early talent for drumming, his father only gave him one lesson after calling it quits. It was Ringo’s best friend Zak’s “Uncle Keith” Moon that taught Ringo’s eldest how to play.  The book also touches on the “All Starr” tour which continues to this day.