Our topic today on Facebook LIVE was the opportunity that seems to creep up on the political off-season, far from the expected voting days in June and November.

On Tuesday, March 12th, voters in Glen Rock, Monroe, Florence and Hillsborough will have an opportunity to push back against the politically connected elite who can't seem to prioritize and protect our money.

Imagine if politicians actually dedicated tax dollars to the projects you support and then got those projects completed under budget? How can the lawyers and local politicians expect you to pay more in taxes while the state is struggling with massive debt and pension liabilities our revenue can't meet?

Why are teachers still uncertain about their future when it comes to job security and retirement? What's wrong with teaching kids in trailers? Maybe that should be the new school construction project. Trailers across the state. Teach in trailers and fully fund the pensions. That's a better way to prioritize our money and ensure taxpayers don't get stuck with long term debt obligations and more taxes to come.

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