My world-class Shoprite in Howell is usually a pretty peaceful place; the shelves are always fully stocked, the employees are helpful, and the atmosphere is rather relaxed. Well, it wasn’t last week (I wasn’t there at the time, though). A fight broke out when someone tried to go through the express checkout with too many items.

We’ve all silently fumed when the person in front of us brazenly puts their excessive number of items on the belt, but this time, someone wasn’t silent in their fuming. Howell police say a Howell woman confronted a Brick woman who had too many items. But the confrontation wasn’t limited to words; the fracas included “punches to the head, biting, spitting and pulling hair.”

Again, that’s my ShopRite and I’ve never seen that kind of excitement when I was shopping. Police say both women were charged with disorderly conduct, and the Brick woman was also charged with simple assault. Unfortunately, the woman who was bitten was a third party who was trying to break up the fight. I guess this story is why most people fume silently at the express lane; you never know how crazy someone will get.

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