Eric Murdock promised Rutgers officials he would tell  "the God's honest truth about Mike Rice" in a tirade when his contract was not renewed last June.

Eric Murdock
Eric Murdock (ESPN)

The outburst, directed at associate coach David Cox, was recorded by an assistant coach and obtained by the website The Chronicle of Higher Education under a Freedom of Information request. A portion of the recording was held back over the mention of specific students.


Murdock was angry because he believed he was let go by Rice over a minor incident. "For you to put me on notice because I can't come into the office and fake like I'm doing work on the computer, that's my bad," Murdock said in the tirade, during which he was speaking to associate head coach David Cox. "But my title last I heard was director of player development, and I thought I did a pretty good job of that. But now, since I can't call teams to come to your team camp, you put me on notice? Because of a camp, you're going to fire me? Because of a camp?"

According to the wrongful termination suit filed by Murdock, he chose to speak at a basketball camp at Bridgewater-Raritan High School attended by his son rather than a Rutgers camp.

Murdock also accused Rice of treating players "like slaves." Rice is "just cracking the whip,"according to Rice. when a player "can't deliver you cut his toe off like ... Kunta Kinte."

Murdock made clear his disgust at deference to Rice and his coaching methods. "I tried it two years," Murdock says. "We had our conversations about how he needs to be more positive," but "he doesn't listen."

Cox expressed concerns over Murdock's threat to go public. Replied Murdock, "I don't want to hurt anybody, but we all have bitten our tongue, because why? He's the boss and you've got to respect the boss. I've done that, even though there's a lot of things I disagreed with."

Murdock ultimately turned a video of Rice's tirades during practice to ESPN which aired it and led to the firing of Rice and the resignation of Tim Pernetti as Athletic Director.

Audio highlights from Murdock's tirade


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