While professional sports leagues try to put together schedules of some sort, the city of Philadelphia has made it clear that even if the seasons are played there won’t be fans in the stands.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that city Health Commissioner Thomas Farley has determined that while the games are safe enough to be played, it is not safe for people to be in the stands. Farley told the Inquirer that while the leagues seem to have the safety protocols in place for the players, “I do not think that they can have spectators at those games. There’s no way for them to be safe having a crowd there.”

The city of Philadelphia’s Managing Director, Brian Abernathy says, “The Eagles are still going to be allowed to play, although without crowds. The Phillies will continue to be allowed to play, although without crowds.” The Eagles, especially, are known for a passionate and rather rowdy fan base so having the team play at an empty Linc would be jarring. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told ESPN that the Eagles’ decision won’t affect other franchises, “Decisions on the number of fans at stadiums will be determined on a market-by-market basis."

The Phillies home opener (of the abbreviated 60 game season) is July 24th against the Marlins. The Phillies had already made it known that they would be pumping in crowd noise for home games and that the Phanatic, while still in the park, would be practicing social distancing. The Eagles first home game is on September 20th against the LA Rams.

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