⭕ Several instances of rude and bad behavior triggers new policy at Deptford Mall

⭕ Unaccompanied teens are banned from the mall on weekends

⭕ Many question if the policy will be enforced

In the latest effort to curb bad teen behavior, the Deptford Mall is implementing a strict parental escort policy.

The new policy bans anyone under the age of 18 from entering the mall unless they are accompanied by a parent or an adult over the age of 25 on the weekend.

The "unsupervised youth" policy goes into effect at 5 p.m. on Friday and 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Deptford Mall entrance (Google Maps)
Deptford Mall entrance (Google Maps)

Deptford Police posted the policy on their Facebook page with a warning that the policy will be "strictly enforced."

You can read the full policy below, but a notice on the Deptford Mall website states: We're committed to providing an enjoyable shopping experience for all our guests. We reserve the right to limit groups larger than four persons when not accompanied by an individual 25 or older. We also reserve the right to limit access of anyone under the age of 18 from 5pm on Friday through Sunday when not accompanied by an adult age 25 or older.


Can and will it be enforced?

Reaction to the policy was mixed in comments on the Deptford Police Facebook page.

Many felt it was sad that the policy had to be implemented. "I feel bad for our officers having to become babysitters," wrote Maureen, "But that's what happens when parents don't parent."

Surveillanance video of Deptford Mall parking lot during an assault (upper right corner)
Surveillanance video of Deptford Mall parking lot during an assault (upper right corner) (Deptford Police)

Jeanne wrote maybe she will consider shopping at the mall again if this helps get rid of rowdy teens. "It’s gotten so out of hand," she said.

Others questioned whether the policy could be enforced, but Derek wrote he was just at the mall, "and they had security guards at every entrance, stopping people."

The new policy states security officers would be checking IDs to verify age.

Here is the full policy as posted by the Deptford Police Department and on the Deptford Mall website:

☑ Visitors under the age of 18 years are required to be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult age 25 or older on Friday through Sunday night after 5PM and must remain within the company of their parent or supervising adults.
☑ Unsupervised youth shopping prior to 5PM on Friday through Sunday evenings must leave the mall by 5PM or be joined by a parent or supervising adult 25 or older.
☑ Proof of age may be required for the youth and/or supervising adult. Those who lack proper identification will not be granted entry and may be asked to leave the property.
☑ Valid identification includes a state issued driver's license or ID card, a military ID, a school ID card or a passport. The identification must be tamper proof and include a photograph and date of birth.
☑ One parent may escort all of his/her children. Additionally, one guardian over 25 years of age may escort up to 4 youths. Supervising adults are responsible for the actions of the youth they accompany.
☑ This policy will specifically apply to the Mall's Common Area. Please check with anchors stores, restaurants, retailers with exterior entrances, and out parcels regarding their policies.

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