According to a report filed by our statehouse reporter Kevin McArdle,

New Jersey is mired in yet another budget battle as Governor Christie and leaders in the Democrat-controlled legislature try to strike a deal before the constitutional deadline.

Meanwhile, the Senate State Government, Wagering and Tourism Committee will convene and one measure to be considered would extend condolences to the family of the late Whitney Houston.

The resolution to be considered in committee tomorrow is co-sponsored by State Senator and former NJ Governor Dick Codey. Senator Ron Rice from Newark is the other sponsor. The resolution “honors the memory of singer, entertainer, and New Jersey native, Whitney Houston, and extends condolences to her family for their loss.”

The resolution statement found the state website reads, “Whitney Houston was born in Newark, New Jersey where she was brought up in a talented musical family, singing gospel music at the New Hope Baptist Church.

Blah blah and blah.

And from there, the blah continues.

Whitney Houston’s contribution to the world of music is immeasurable, and the Legislature wishes to acknowledge her value as a person and as a singer in New Jersey’s great musical heritage.”

Shortly after Houston’s death Christie received some criticism for ordering flags to fly at half-staff in her honor.

I had a problem with the Governor’s lowering the flag in her honor, as I feel, and still do, that to extend that honor to entertainers cheapens the meaning of lowering the flag.

Christie's  already done that for Clarence Clemmons when he died, so I would imagine the Governor was boxed into a tenuous position.

Now the legislature wastes precious time in extending sympathies that have already been expressed by one body of the state government.

Why belabor it? Unless of course you look to the obvious.

Let the clock tick down till the possibility of a governmental shutdown; and conceivably embarrass the Governor.

And besides, both are Democrats; and both are from Essex County.

Enough already, get back to work!

What say you?