New Jersey just lost a battle in court along with other sanctuaries, like New York City and State. A judge ruled that the Trump Administration was well within their rights to withhold certain funding from state and cities not complying with federal law.

I’ve written extensively about this issue and the danger that AG #FakeCop Gurbir Grewal has brought into our communities through his sanctuary state mandates. Whether you’re a NYC commuter or living and working in New Jersey, your safety has been compromised by Gurbir.

The good news is that the federal government is acting. They are withholding funds. They are suing. And they are sending in elite agents from Border Patrol to support ICE targeted enforcement actions. It’s also not out of the realm of possibility that the National Guard could be federalized and brought in to support the efforts of ICE in our more dangerous communities like Newark and New Brunswick. It’s happened several times in our history.

John Tsoukaris is the Field Office Director in Newark for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He’s working hard with his team to conduct critical enforcement and removal operations. He discussed the danger to Law Enforcement and the immigrant community where sanctuary policies are in place. Specifically. The fact that most arrests outside of sanctuary states take place in the jails and custody is transferred.

In NJ, officers have to go into neighborhoods to apprehend the bad guys, creating a potentially dangerous situation for residents as agents need to make arrests on the street, at homes and at businesses. He also discussed the added cost to the taxpayers because of the added resources necessary to get the job done.

John addressed the media fear mongering regarding whether illegal immigrants should fear calling police to report a crime. Simply not true that ICE will target a victim of a crime. Actually the opposite is true, everyone is encouraged to call Law Enforcement and no victim should ever be in fear. The danger is if a crime victim doesn’t call Law Enforcement.

The fear mongering from the media and from elite, disconnected politicians in Trenton is dangerous. The more Governor Murphy and Gurbir lie to create fear and hostility against the Law Enforcement community, the more resources the federal government will have to spend to undo their lawless, reckless actions. It’s a matter of public safety, financial solvency and community prosperity that we stand with ICE and push back against the Murphy administration and it’s cohorts.

The recent conversation with ICE on my show was a part of our #BlueFriday segment where we are honoring Assistant Field Office Director Ken Genalo who is working hard to ensure that criminal aliens are arrested so they can no longer pose a threat to your community. As you know, I went along with the ICE team in Newark during the Targeted Enforcement Operations in January. More than 100 suspected were arrested with 84% of them having criminal convictions or pending charges for crimes including rape, murder and sexual abuse involving minors.  The other 16% are fugitives who had previously deported and returned illegally.

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