Acting ICE Director Matthew Albence who is a Jersey guy, was in New York City on Friday to address the issue of Sanctuary State and City policies.

As we know, New York and New Jersey have similar policies, which prevent local law enforcement from working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials and are directly leading to violent criminals being released into our communities. The numbers in New York City are staggering.

According to Albence, ICE issued 7,526 lawful detainers to apprehend criminal aliens with only TEN being honored by city officials. He attacked the policies directly pointing out the false choice that politicians like Grewal, Murphy, DeBlasio and others present, that you choose immigrant friendly cities or cooperate with ICE. Simply not true. As Albence explains in this video, the only people protected by Sanctuary Policies are criminals.

Among the more than 7,500 who should have been apprehended by ICE were thousands convicted of murder, robbery, sexual assault, among other crimes. In all, the group accounted for more that 17,000 criminal convictions. Think about that as you're riding NJ Transit to get to the city. Think about that when you head out to work and drop your kids off at school. Think about the accused child rapist who was let out of a NJ jail as a direct result of Grewal's policy.

Albence said it best, leave it to the Jersey guy, despite the Obama and Trump Administrations attempts to get the city to cooperate with ICE, criminals continue to pour out of our jails. He went onto scold politicians who put their own interests above yours endangering the safety of our communities. He warned that the lack of cooperation and outright interference would lead to more tragedies like the race and death of 92-year-old Maria Fuertes.

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The good news is that despite the Sanctuary Policies in New York and New Jersey, ICE will be doing their job, hunting down and removing these dangerous thugs from our streets.

Good on Matt Albence for having the courage, strength and will to enforce the law despite the increased risk to Federal Law Enforcement officials. That's the kind of leadership we need. Not the gutless, pandering, criminal protector who would risk the lives of you, your children and the brave members of law enforcement just to score political points with radicals. Wonder if Gurbir Grewal is listening...because ICE is knocking.

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