If you notice a bevy of emergency vehicles on Ocean County roadways this morning, no need to panic. A three day emergency drill is taking place at the Joint Base in Lakehurst.

Ocean County Emergency Drills

It's all in an effort to make our first responders ready to mobilize during emergency situations either natural or man-made.

Members of the New Jersey Task Force One are going through an authentic mock-up at the base of a post earthquake scenario. Starting yesterday, cars and trucks headed to the base like it was a real emergency. They got to the base and set up an immediate work zone and medical triage. The training takes place on real debris brought in including twisted steel, broken concrete and even actors and dummies standing in for injured victims in need of aid.

Mary Goepfert, a spokesperson with the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management says "the team goes through this type of training annually, although they are always experiencing real world experience just in case. These are the same men and women who responded during the 9/11 terror attacks on New York City and the last full scale disaster they were involved in was Tropical Storm Irene last August."

Goepfert explains "the base was chosen as an ideal location to keep the public safe. Because they are using real tools including bulldozers and cranes, we felt it was best to have it in a secure location."

The training will be completed on Thursday afternoon.


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