Giants quarterback Eli Manning got a shot in at New Jersey during his Saturday Night Live hosting gig.

With his offensive line sitting in the audience, he declared that he feels like a "real New Yorker"  and took questions about the city. First up: where to get great Italian food in New York. His advice? go to the Olive Garden. "You gotta go to New Jersey but it's worth it." He told the confused audience member, “Hey, I play for the New York Giants, and all my games are played in New Jersey,” he said.



He also hit on New York cliches as well, suggesting to another audience looking for a Broadway show to see Cats, which closed in 2000. He invoked two "Fuggetabouts" and showed a "picture" of him holding a sign in the Today Show window as part of the audience.

Manning joked about bringing the Lombardi Trophy to New York for the parade down the Canyon of Heroes "and now we have no idea where it is."

Manning appeared in several other sketches and short videos including that mocked the "Little Brothers" United Way ad his big brother Peyton did during his hosting appearance.

“Maybe now you’ll learn to treat your younger brother with some respect, Peyton!” Eli says.

“My name’s not Peyton!”

“Whatever,” said Eli slamming the trunk on the bully,