Jim Gearhart can't believe the hate being levied at Donald Trump by righteous celebrities like Ashley Judd — who compared the election of our new president to being raped.

It's an absolute insult to those people who've suffered sexual assaults, he says, and a disgusting compassion.

"Probably this person doesn't have the brains to understand that she's slapping the face of every person, every poor soul who was ever brutally violated and scarred for life," he says. "I would say to this narcissistic twit, 'You have ground salt into the wound of every woman who's been so brutalized just to show your witless peers that you're a member of the club.

No one says it quite like Jim.

The legendary broadcaster and radio pioneer is returning to New Jersey 101.5 after a long recovery — having taken a fall at his home in late 2015 that put his 25-year stint with the station on hold.

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— Townsquare staff

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