An 88-year-old man car crashed his van through the front of a Camden County pizza restaurant on Tuesday night.

Hi-Nella Police said the man thought his car was in reverse when he went through the front of Mama Nuccio's Pizzeria on Warwick Road, destroing the front window and the tables inside. The restaurant is part of the Hi-Nella Shopping Center on Warwick Road. Police said the building inspector will have to determine the extent of structural damage.

Although employees and the owner Robert Croce were inside, no one was injured according to police. "Everybody thought I was hurt because I was in the dining room," Robert Croce, the owner of the shop told NBC 10. "Usually I come back to the register so they were looking for me. When they found out I was in the dining room, we all called each other's name."

Police have not disclosed the identify of the man and said they do not expect to file charges.

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