🚨 Two individuals tried to enter a vehicle Sunday night

🚨 The driver tried to get them to leave their vehicle and was punched


NEW BRUNSWICK – A driver was punched during an attempted carjacking Sunday night

Two suspects wearing ski masks entered a car on High Street at the intersection with Hamilton Street around 8:40 p.m., less than a mile from the Rutgers University campus, with the intent to steal it, according to Rutgers University police.

When the driver, who is not a student or employee of Rutgers, tried to get the pair out of his vehicle, he was struck with a closed fist before the suspects ran away.

Map showing High Street and Hamilton Ave in New Brunswick
Map showing High Street and Hamilton Ave in New Brunswick (Google Maps/Canva)

The driver was treated for injuries at the scene.

Rutgers police asked anyone with information about this incident or been in the area to call 732-745-5217.

New Brunswick police statistics show there have been 76 robberies, 65 aggravated assaults and 238 simple assaults during 2023. The map does not indicate which reported incidents were carjackings.

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