I remember being on the air the day I heard of the passing of Barry White.

The first reaction of many was, "....oh, he was the one that helped us conceive our baby!"

Could be that the first time you heard "Love To Love You Baby"...it might have had the same result.

According to this report: she died this morning after a battle with cancer ... TMZ has learned.

She was 63 years old.

Sources close to Summer tell us ... the singer was trying to keep the extent of her illness under wraps. We spoke to someone who was with Summer a couple of weeks ago ... who says she didn't seem too bad.

Hence the shock when I read the article. Never knew she was ill.

But I will always remember her, and in particular, this song which would close out the Labor Day "classic disco" shows I'd produced down in Seaside!

What is the one song you'll remember Donna for, and what club does it bring back memories of?

For me, it's "Could This Be Magic", at Butterfield's in Queens!