It’s a question that somehow slipped through the cracks recently as the primary election was moved due to the governor’s extended shutdown from June to July. For many years, politicians on both sides lamented the low participation rate in most elections. Trying everything from tying registration to drivers license applications and extensive vote by mail.

But the politicians now, especially in NJ, seem uninterested in the turnout this year as all messaging is on "safety." This despite the fact that COVID is a relatively harmless viral infection for most.

According to the White House, 99% of cases fall into that category. The numbers across the nation and world certainly back up this statement. The election is ignored despite the fact that the percentage of positive cases among tests have been dropping for weeks. The election is ignored despite the fact that deaths in states, which have opened, have also dropped precipitously. This drop in deaths and uptick in cases seem to prove the point I have been making for months. The virus is being used as a political tool of oppression and control.

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Now we even have the governor talking about mandatory mask wearing outside. It’s absurd. It’s not based on data. It’s certainly not anything that will help keep you safe or healthy. Actually the opposite may be true. With cloth masks in particular showing to contribute, not prevent respiratory illness among health care workers.

But here we are. Political crisis actors fueling the fire of panic and a sketchy setup for counting votes, and very few have confidence that the will of the people will be reflected. The truth is the primary system itself is antiquated, in my opinion. The only candidates that make the regular organization columns to be listed under the name of the major party presidential candidates are those who win local county conventions.

Hopefully by November, we will be back in full swing, lining up at the polling stations to send a better crop of representatives to Washington and, from my perspective, re-elect the president. Regardless of party, question is, did you vote in this election?

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