We live in a world where everything you say or text can and will be used against you on social media. Now, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban is fighting back.

(Adam Radosavljevic, ThinkStock)

Cuban is wading into the market of ephermeral mobile apps which make content and messages self destruct. Cuban has founded two of these apps this year, one with a college student.

Cuban, who won an insider trading case last fall, tells the Dallas Morning News the investigation cost him his sense of digital privacy.

“I watched how they manipulated everything that I wrote in messages, and I realized that any digital communications I used was at risk,” the Dallas Mavericks owner said in an email.

The app, called Xpire, launched in June. “We’re taking the whole Snapchat effect of expiring messages and applying it to a more public space like social networking,” said Jesse Stauffer, a University of North Texas computer science senior. He co-founded Xpire with Cuban.

Cuban has another app called “Cyber Dust,” that launched in February. It's a messaging app that automatically deletes text messages within 20 to 100 seconds, depending on the message’s length. Both Cyber Dust and Xpire are free and are available on iOS 7 devices.

Would you like your texts to disappear after a certain amount of time?

Have you ever texted something that came back to haunt you?