Knee deep in the hoopla…besides being a line out the song, “We Built This City” and the title of the album from which it came, seems to be what all that’s going on with the start of the Eastern Conference finals between the Rangers and Devils tonight.

I’m not a hockey fan. Couldn’t tell you squat about the sport, although I always wondered how they managed to get the ice out onto an arena floor one day, and then put it “away” for a concert or a basketball game.

Little things that go through my head.

I guess I should be rooting for the Devils.

You know, the whole Jersey Guy thing.

But seriously, I really don’t have a horse in this race.
Never was a hockey fan, and it’s too late for me to jump on the bandwagon now!

By the way, did the Governor make a hacky bet with Bloomberg over who’d win the series?

Just sayin’

So with that in mind….do you?

Do you live in a house divided? You’re the Ranger’s fan, you’re kids may be Devil’s fans…as I’m sure most kids are. (I saw one in church yesterday wearing a Brodeur jersey.)

And which do you feel is the biggest local sports rivalry:

(I’m leaving out basketball since the Nets are leaving, and who cares what the 6ers do?)

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