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Leading off each hour will be these:

11) Devils/Rangers – Who cares? And what are some of the biggest local sports rivalries? [Poll is up now at]

12) Do you feel that students who are born to undocumented immigrants but born here should be entitled to get Easier Access To College….You’ll find the article online by Kevin McArdle on

1) Do you feel that more pedestrians and bicyclists should get tickets for jaywalking….Ft Lee has a ban in place that calls for tickets or texting while walking. Do you think that’s is going too far. (How many times have you almost hit someone who was riding a bike or walking in the road directly in your path?)

2) Do you favor the drug rehab program that would mandate non violent drug offenders be given rehabilitation instead of jail? More importantly, do you think it will work? [Story up now at]

Plus other stuff:

Bank regulation….do we need more or less of it in the wake of JPMorgan Chase’s 2 billion dollar trading loss? [Poll up at]

Commencement speakers…do they make a difference?

State Sen. M. Theresa Ruiz, D-Essex, has nothing better to do than to sponsor a bill that "respectfully requests that Major League Baseball retire the number 21 in honor of the life and career of Roberto Clemente." Didn’t the Pirates already retire his number? And aren’t there any other issues she can deal with?

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And we’d like to offer condolences to the family of Daniela Lekhno of Manalapan who was killed in the New Zealand car crash you may have heard about this past weekend…one of three Boston University students killed in the minivan crash in New Zealand.
Lekhn was a business administration and management manager who was minoring in finance.

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