Dennis Malloy has voiced his frustration about Bernie Sanders supporters before, even comparing it to eating waffles and ice cream for every meal. Apparently, Dennis Malloy isn't the only one frustrated with young voters.

In the video below, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog travels to the University of New Hampshire to try and talk to young voters who are "aggressively pushing an agenda towards political correctness."

Triumph asks a handful of college students fairly simply questions, while mocking political correctness. For example, words such as "freshman" should now be replaced with "first year students".

When it comes to Bernie Sanders, Triumph asks the students, "which socialist 74 year old jew are you voting for?", leaving the students speechless. Triumph them asks them to support their ideologies such as breaking up big banks.

Check out the how Dennis Malloy and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog correct political correctness in the two videos.

Warning: The video below contains explicit language. Viewer discretion advised.