We had a story on our website this past weekend that show a school van doing 90 mph on the Garden State Parkway.

The van was empty, except for the driver, and the person in the vehicle was operating a handheld device while driving. I was incensed. Not that a "school van" was doing 90 on the Parkway (sometimes you get pushed out of the way at 90 on the Parkway), but that someone risked their safety and that of others on the road, so that he could snitch on the bus driver. Clearly an act of "virtue signaling" and trying to get someone in trouble.

Sure, I get it that it was a school van, but it was empty. Turns out the driver was doing a favor for the owner of the company, driving the vehicle to get serviced. The company suspended her for a week. You gotta figure they had to, in light of the video, to save face.

I have no quarrel with the owner for doing what he had to do. My problem is with the do-gooder that shot the video, subsequently putting himself and others at risk in order to "tattle" on the van driver.

I have to wonder in these cases are more New Jerseyans annoyed at the driver of the van or the video voyeur snitch that turned this in. I'd love to see how most people here feel in this "if you see something say something" era that we live in through the conditioning of the last few years.

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