🚦 A serious crash ended in two vehicles being broken in half

🚦 Three people were killed and two more were taken to the hospital in critical condition

🚦 One of the vehicles ran a red light, authorities said

LAKEWOOD — Two people are in the hospital with serious injuries and three others are dead after a serious early morning crash in Ocean County.

Both vehicles were broken in half by the forceful collision in Lakewood at the intersection of New Hampshire Ave and Cedar Bridge Ave/County Road 528 early Saturday morning, according to the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office.

Police responded to the crash site around 2:20 a.m., authorities said.

They found a 2008 Dodge truck and a 2009 Honda Accord. Both had been heavily damaged.

Investigators found that the Honda was heading east on CR 528 and didn't stop for a red light at the intersection.

The intersection of New Hampshire Ave and Cedar Bridge Ave/CR 528. (Google Maps/Canva)
The intersection of New Hampshire Ave and Cedar Bridge Ave/CR 528. (Google Maps/Canva)

The sedan hit the truck with such force that the Dodge rolled over and split in half.

After the first impact, the Honda went off the road and hit a traffic light pole. The sedan also broke in half.

The driver of the Honda and a passenger were dead at the scene. A third victim, a female passenger in the same vehicle, was taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center and died from her injuries.

Two other passengers in the Honda were also taken to JSUMC. They were in critical condition as of Saturday evening, authorities said.

The driver of the Dodge suffered minor injuries from the crash and was taken to JSUMC.

Police and the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office are continuing to investigate the crash.

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