Recently, in honor of the 57th Annual Grammy awards, New Jersey 101.5 put the musical spotlight on past winners on a "Grammy Greats Weekend."

Be it "Best New Artist Of The Year," "Album Of The Year," or "Record Of The Year," we recognized Grammy performers and performances each hour.

At the start of each of my shows (Saturday afternoon at 3, and Sunday night at 7), I promote my show on social media...and try to come up with an interesting idea for an accompanying photo.

Sometimes, coming up with a new photo idea is tough...and it often comes down to last-minute perspiration...and sudden inspiration!

So, just after 7pm, I had started the show, and am wracking my brain to come up with a photo idea that ties in with the Grammy Greats Weekend...I'm staring at the wall mounted New Jersey 101.5 logo...and it hits me!

Just like the Grammy Award winners do, I can stand in front of the "logo wall" with my Grammy. But...I have no musical ability, I don't have a Grammy!

Wait....yes I do...its..........INVISIBLE.

Promoting the show on social media... (Craig Allen photo).
Promoting the show on social media... (Craig Allen photo).

I quick snap the photo, and post it to social media.

I check back from time to time to read the comments...but I have a show to concentrate on...

Just before midnight, as the Sunday night show is coming to a close, my smartphone notifies me that I have yet another response to my post.

Cool! (Craig Allen photo).
Cool! (Craig Allen photo).

I DO have a Grammy, after took listener Jim to see it.

New Jersey 101.5 listeners are the BEST!

Oh....and, no...I did not re-use this idea during the "Oscar" awards...

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