As you know by reading, my father is biking from western Canada, back to New Jersey!

As you read this latest update, he is (slowly) making his way across Ontario by bicycle.

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Tuesday afternoon, I received his first e-mail update from the road, for this week:

"Hi from Moonbeam, just east of Kapuskasing, on route 11, in Ontario.
Have had good roads and bad roads.
Today after biking 40 km, I am biking into a relatively heavy ESE wind.  Even tho the road is smooth and easy rolling, I'm making very slow progress  The town Moonbeam (is) so called due to the Northern Lights, and (due) to a report about flying saucers.  Have photo of me and Info Center flying saucer.
Last night I slept at a 1969 Resser (NOTE: I can't quite figure out what he means).
Biked 126 K for the day. (Stopped for the night at an) Incident site where several Union people were killed in a local log battle to prevent workers from being able to transport goods along the railroad.
My mattress was again pine needles and cones.  Nice and soft.  Told early morning temp was about 35 degrees.
John at a bike shop in Hearst checked my  tires.  He said I could at least go on to North Bay before checking them again.  He also presented me with a spare inner tube and lots of good road and weather info. info.
I had tire problem(s) at Long Lac, where I spent 2 nights in a motel.  Too long of a story for here.  Finally repaired problem by (my)self, (and went on) to travel basically 213 K, seeing mostly trees, rocks, lakes, and birds.
Canadian wilderness. (Craig Allen photo archives).
Canadian wilderness. (Craig Allen photo archives).
Breakfast was (in) Kapuskasing, and was served by a petite, cute waitress.  Also talked with chef. Big surprise! Carole said she had already paid for my bill.
Carole and Bill, my new Canadian friends have been added to my Canadian group list.  Welcome aboard.
On to the struggle with my ESE wind.  Hope to make it to Smooth Rock Falls by tonight (Tuesday evening)."
As you can read, my father continues to meet nice people along his way, and he continues to live under his "lucky star."
Wednesday brought another update...he has the time to spend, as he is being sidelined by mother nature:
"Yikes!  If this rain keeps up this is going to be a very expensive trip.
At Hearst, I was supposed to have 4 days of sun. At  Moonbeam, maybe 2 days of no rain.
Last night just outside of Smooth Rock Falls, I could not read the clouds.  A front was coming in on a ESE head wind (that) I was bucking almost all day.  Overcast with clouds aproaching on an angle.There is a rest area.  Do I look to see what turns up?  No, I said play safe.  I stopped about 6pm.  I had seen some neat places to shelter around 4pm..  This is on the sparsely populated portion of the trip.
Laid out my stuff to sleep under pine trees .  Ate my pasta, starting to write notes, and it started to sprinkle and mist.  Asleep by 8pm. Wrapped my bag in plastic.  (It) Sprinkled off and on during the night.  My stuff stayed basically dry.  How did I keep my bike etc dry?  I put them in the men's shack for the night.
(In the morning, I) Loaded up gear, and started out after being snug as a bug in a rug.  Biked for 4 KM.  Rain.  People not awake (yet), so dashed for a bldg with an open door.  Greeted by a doberman.  Barked a little while, but spent most of the rest of my hour (hearing) a low guttural growl.  Lady came to see why some barking.  OK to stay sheltered.  Dog still growling and barking.  Sky lightened a couple times, with intermittent rain.
Finally biked again, and rain started as I reached Smooth Rock Falls, Pop. 900.
Had a warm breakfast and coffee.  I am now a big coffee drinker.
(Biked) into a ESE headwind. More of the rutted road toward Driftwood 26 Km ahead. It was patches of junk road controlled by flag wavers, and slippery (conditions) motorcycle signs. Later, stopped for intermittent light showers under a tree.  Made it to Cochrane.
It has rained almost steady.  Supposedly 2 days of rain.  Hotel rooms are full, so I went to Chimo. Full because of a big number of construction (workers).  At Chimo, I got 1 of the last 2 rooms available in town.  (I'll) See what happens tomorrow am. I hope things will clear.
Don't know if I mentioned, I now wear my raincoat in my (sleeping) bag, and don't wake up from cold at night.  (I have) Also biked in it (raincoat) for short distances. One gets warmer, so I biked in light shower without the rain coat, but wore it over to the library about 1 mile from motel."
It is at the town library, that my father types up, and sends out his updates.
He includes an interesting story about the motel owner, who has been there for 5 years...
"He stayed here one night, and got a mortgage for it with a friend.  They are very friendly and gracious.  Made coffee just for me, while waiting for rain to let up.
From (here), I begin to head south east to  North Bay, before heading east to Ottawa on Route 17.  Sure hope for no rain and maybe a tail wind."
Will "mother nature" give my father a break? Please.
Will the sun come out? Will the winds die down?
Stay tuned to for his next update from Ontario roads!
In New Jersey, we know what this Canadian road sign means! (Craig Allen photo archives).
In New Jersey, we know what this Canadian road sign means! (Craig Allen photo archives).

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