While I am playing "Jersey's Favorite Hits"...the "Big Game" is on. Unless you've been "living under a rock," you know.

I am on-air, on-line at nj1015.com, and on the New Jersey 101.5 app for all "football widows" or any guys who could...care less about the Panthers or the Broncos.

Having said this...I came across an interesting piece of game-related memorabilia this week, as I was looking through some boxes of "treasures."

Remember the once-dominant cassette tape?

Or, as my niece and nephew call them: "those square things." Um...I'd say that they are rectangular, but, that's just me...


The cassette single...or "cassingle." Remember? (Craig Allen photo).
The cassette single...or "cassingle." Remember? (Craig Allen photo).

This is where the "Jersey connection" comes in!

A "few" games ago...Jersey's own Whitney Houston sang the National Anthem...

As you can see above, it was an electric performance!

And, we all thought that Whitney was at the height of her career...before..she sang her way into patriotic hearts "from sea to shining sea."

Patriotic, you ask? Yes..."Gulf War I" was...on...

Not surprisingly, there was only one water cooler topic the next morning:


Take note that this was before everyone in radio was dvr'ing (rather, VHS-tape recording) everything on TV, and playing it back on the radio!

But...I was playing Whitney's "Star Spangled Banner" on my mid-day show! Take that, competitors!

My station was an ABC News affiliate...and because of that, Whitney Houston's performance (on ABC TV) was (legally) made available on a satellite feed Monday morning. I rushed into the production room and "rolled tape."

With endless radio airplay...the clamor from the listening public (you) was so great, that within a few days...

Both songs...on both sides. (Craig Allen photo).
Both songs...on both sides. (Craig Allen photo).

...this cassette was flying off store shelves!

Read the paragraphs in red... (Craig Allen photo).
Read the paragraphs in red... (Craig Allen photo).

And, as you can see (above), all proceeds went to a worthy cause!

Aah...memories! Its STILL a GREAT performance/rendition!

Sure, I would like to say that it seems like...yesterday!

But...(gasp!)...checking the back of the cassette "box," it was 1991!

That was "Big Game 25."

THIS is "Big Game 50."

Doing the math...I'm getting depressed!


I gotta go......I can't dwell on it...


I'm...on the air!



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