A growing number of New Jersey municipalities are considering the idea of putting advertisements on the sides of school buses, a move that could lower property taxes for Garden State residents.

Steven Puetzer, Getty Images

"There's been some interest earlier this year; we found about a dozen or so school districts that were actively discussing it," said Frank Belluscio, New Jersey School Boards Association spokesman. "There are some communities where they're absolutely opposed to exposing children to advertising, others see it as a potential revenue source."

Even if a district accepts advertising, objectionable content such as alcohol, tobacco or strip club ads would not be allowed. Local school districts would retain the right to control exactly what is placed on their buses.

According to Belluscio, towns are exploring this option because many local taxpayers are still pressed for money.

"The economy has been improving," he said, "but we're certainly not in the pre-2008 environment, where there was such strong government revenues." Belluscio said the bottom line is, people in every community must decide if advertising is right for them.