It's obvious, right? Those under the age of 20 are barely impacted with symptoms of coronavirus let alone in any danger of hospitalization and death. Actually according to the CDC, the survival rate among young people is an astounding 99.997%. That means out of 10,000 kids who contract the virus, 3 will die. Of those three, again using CDC data, 94% have three comorbidities. So all of the kids are severely compromised to begin with.

Healthy, younger people, most under the age of 70, are simply not vulnerable to COVID. Despite these facts, we have a push in NJ for mandatory vaccines for students returning to campus. Your taxpayer dollars are supporting these schools, as I've mentioned many times, a billion dollars to Rutgers alone. That aside, how is it legal for schools to require an experimental drug, with reported adverse effects including death, to be required for students who are in virtually ZERO danger from COVID? It shouldn't be and my friend Serena DiMaso, who joined me on the air Monday this week, is fighting back.

Meanwhile in states south of NJ and west of PA, with the exceptions of California and Michigan, are back to normal. People shopping and dining again without masks, and all this with 7 in 10 Americans NOT fully vaccinated.

We know that from the drug companies the vaccine won't keep you from getting or spreading the virus and since it mutates so often that several shots a year are likely to be necessary, like the flu shot. So a relatively mild virus, unless you have severe medical complications to begin with, a near zero effect on kids, a shot that doesn't stop you from getting or spreading it, but colleges in NJ are mandating it?

Are they on the payroll of big pharma? Are they just hoping to avoid lawsuits? Whatever their excuse, leaders like Serena are not going to sit back and watch our kids being served up as a lab experiment.

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