This just proves how much can change in one hour on the Dennis and Judi show.  The hour started out discussing the story of NJ Transit bus driver who was charged with Lewd Behavior for performing a sex act on himself while driving the bus in rush-hour traffic. Based off that story, Dennis and Judi asked the audience what things have they done while driving.

While they were discussing the topic, Judi asked Dennis if maybe the bus driver was listening to Carrie Underwood's hit "Jesus Take the Wheel" while he was driving, so that he could tend to other things. Dennis wasn't even familiar with the song and Judi had to play it for him to remind him of it.

As the hour progressed, Dennis and Judi took a call from a listener who, based off the conversation of Carrie Underwood, recommend to Dennis and Judi that they listen to a really funny parody song of Carrie Underwood's classic. The song is called "Cletus Take the Reel." If you've never heard it before, give yourself a laugh and take a listen below.


If you've never heard original song from Carrie Underwood, we've included that as an extra special added bonus:

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