In the March, 2016 edition of "Ask The Governor," Chris Christie returned to the New Jersey 101.5 studio on the day the presidential candidate he's backing — GOP front-runner Donald Trump — made some headline-grabbing and widely condemned comments on abortion.

But most of our discussion focused on local issues. The governor said he won't be blinking in a faceoff with Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, who's blocking a bill for a takeover of Atlantic City Christie brokered with Senate Democrats. Atlantic City is just days away from running out of money — and if it does, Christie has said, that's Prieto's fault.

Christie said he's not worried about a reported $57 million NJ Transit shortfall — saying agencies always come in claiming shortfalls and seeking more money, and he'll tell NJ Transit to manage the one it's facing on its own.

He ripped into a caller who — after the governor talked about pensions for Atlantic City employees, including garbage collectors, that he said were unwarranted — said the nation was "formed on pensions."

But what about those Trump comments? Trump said during an event in Wisconsin Wednesday not only that abortions should be banned — but that women who get them should receive "some form of punishment." His campaign quickly issued a statement walking back the quote, saying doctors should be held responsible, not the women who go to them.

Christie, who's taken criticism for his support of Trump said he believes the billionarie and longtime friend "misspoke."