Legislation calling for ammunition magazines to hold no more than 10 rounds could soon be sent to Gov. Chris Christie's desk for consideration, but it's unclear whether he'll sign the measure.  

During his monthly "Ask the Governor" program on Townsquare Media Tuesday night, Christie said he hasn't made a decision.  "I can't tell you what I'm going to do with the bill until that bill hits my desk. I am not going to prejudge anything that they may change into something that may be something I might consider differently than what my initial inclination might be."

The state Senate voted earlier this week to reduce the size of ammunition magazines in guns from the current limit of 15 rounds to 10, and the Assembly could pass a companion measure in the coming weeks.

The Assembly had passed another version of the legislation back in March, but it must now revisit the issue and approve the same bill that has passed in the Senate, which exempts current and retired law enforcement officers.

Christie said the measure continues to be a moving target. "The Senate passed a bill yesterday (Monday) that's different than the Assembly bill, and now they're going to send it back to the Assembly, and who knows what changes the Assembly is going to make - they can't make the decision on what they want this to be."

Christie also said "it's kind of like reading a good mystery book. You want the end to get there quickly but the end only gets there at the end."

Those who support the bill say it will make mass shootings like the one that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut less likely, but those who oppose it argue criminals don't abide by gun laws so this would only adversely affect law-abiding gun collectors.


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