Governor Chris Christie vows to fight Democrats all summer calling them out for not guaranteeing a tax cut. Assembly Budget Committee chairman Vinnie Prieto, a Democrat has what amounts to a two-word response to Christie..."Bring it! "

"We definitely want to give it (the tax cut) so he can come at us all summer," says Prieto. "We're more than happy to debate the facts with him at any point in time. I welcome that debate."

The recently signed State Budget does include $183 million that's been set aside to enact a tax cut in January if revenues hit the Governor's targets. Democrats say that is the fiscally responsible thing to do. Christie says the state can afford the guarantee of a tax cut right now and he accuses Democrats of holding taxpayer relief hostage.

Prieto says, "I'll take the adage from 'Jerry Maguire; show me the money' and once we have it then we can talk about a tax cut….Going out there and telling people that we're an impediment to their tax cut, that's not true."

Speaking last week at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., Christie told a welcoming audience that politics crushed a tax cut deal he had reached with Democratic leaders in the legislature.

He explained, "We had an agreement until normal politics set back in……(For Democrats) It was more important for me not to be able to go to the Republican National Convention and say that I got a tax cut for the people of our state than it was to give the tax cut."

Christie explains that he's been telling Democrats, "Making our state more competitive and giving our taxpayers some relief was extraordinarily important, much more important than the politics of the day especially for a speech that I have not yet been invited to give at a convention I know I'll attend, but that I have absolutely no knowledge at the moment whether I'll even be speaking at the convention."